NVIDIA Could Release both RTX and GTX Super Cards for Notebooks

We’ve seen NVIDIA refresh both their GeForce RTX and Geforce GTX lineups with “Super” cards. These cards bring with them higher CUDA core counts and faster speeds. The Super series was in reaction to AMD releasing their RX 5000 series and it looks like we might see the same thing on the notebook side of things. AMD is planning to introduce Radeon RX 5700M, RX 5500M, and RX 5300M mobile GPUs soon. These would compete directly against NVIDIA’s RTX and GTX mobile series so it makes sense for NVIDIA to refresh these models with new “Super” models.

We can expect to see higher CUDA core counts, possibly even mirroring what we saw with the desktop models. The GTX series parts will also get faster GDDR6 memory.

super series mobile

These new parts are expected around March of 2020, but it seems as if CES 2020 would be the perfect time to show off said parts and new notebooks featuring these parts.

Via VideoCardz

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