AMD Documents Detail 16 Core Processor

AMD has released developer documentation for an upcoming processor they are working on. The way that it is described in the documentation it is a chip with 8 modules, working out to 16 cores on a single piece of silicon. It is being referred to as the Family 15h Models 30h – 3fh. This new processor is not to be confused with the Opteron 6300-series chips which are multi-chip modules of two 8-core dies in the G34 package.

AMD 16 Core Processor

Unlike the current “Abu Dhabi” and “Seoul” chips this new chip features a full-fledged uncore, complete with PCI-Express 3.0 root complex that is integrated into the processor die. The document also describes the chip as having four Hypertransport links, meaning that you can pair it with 4 other processors in 4P multi-socket configurations. A system like that would have a total core count of 64.

We are unsure what micro-architecture this processor would be based off of. We do assume that it is for the Opteron Enterprise stack.

Source: Planet3DNow | News Archive

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