AMD Enables Memory Overclocking On Radeon RX 7900 GRE For Better Performance

AMD’s most recent driver update now enables full overclocking capabilities for the Radeon RX 7900 GRE “Golden Rabbit Edition,” previously available primarily in the Chinese market before its global rollout. Reviews on the global launch day pointed out overclocking issues, where performance improvements didn’t meet expectations. AMD has acknowledged the issue, attributing it to an incorrect memory tuning limit, and has committed to fixing it through a new driver release.

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The newly launched AMD 24.3.1 WHQL driver delivers on this commitment by addressing the memory overclocking issue on the RX 7900 GRE. This solution entails adjusting overclocking limits directly within the card’s VBIOS, offering a more straightforward approach compared to issuing new firmware for all RX 7900 GRE models.

Furthermore, the driver incorporates a clock limit override feature that modifies the power limit during bootup, as confirmed by TechPowerUP through extensive testing. With this updated driver, RX 7900 GRE models can now attain memory speeds of up to 3000 MHz (24 Gbps), a notable improvement from the prior cap of 2316 MHz. TechPowerUP’s analysis demonstrated that their GDDR6 SKU achieved speeds of 20 Gbps, indicating an observed overclocking potential of 15%.


Now the question is that why AMD did not identify this issue sooner, given that the card has been on the market since mid-2023. Despite attempts to restrict availability to the Chinese market, reviewers managed to uncover the issue long ago.

Source & Image: TechPowerUp