AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.2 Plugin For Unreal Engine Is Now Available

AMD has recently made available the latest FSR library in the form of a plugin for games powered by Unreal Engine. About two weeks back, AMD released the source code for FSR 2.2, which had already been available for at least two months with games like Forza Horizon 5. However, AMD needed more time to ready the documentation and plugins for more widespread usage. With the newly introduced Unreal Engine FSR 2.2 plugin, more game developers will be able to add the latest version of FSR into their games with just a few simple clicks.

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FSR 2.2 brings about enhancements that help improve the handling of ghosting, especially on objects that are in rapid motion. Additionally, according to AMD, version 2.2 has upgrades that reduce the occurrence of artifacts that appear like flickering during disoclusions, which happens when an object that was hidden becomes visible. Overall, this update is a significant milestone for the company before they shift their focus to FSR 3 later in the year.

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AMD has revealed that more than 250 games have been verified to incorporate either FSR 1 or FSR 2 technology. This figure includes games that are currently available as well as upcoming ones. Out of these titles, 110 games are set to support FSR 2. While the Unreal Engine plugin will undoubtedly hasten the adoption process, its primary focus is on indie game developers who lack direct support from AMD.

Via GPUOpen