Intel “Panther Lake” Rumored To Feature Third Generation Xe GPU

Just last month, Intel announced that they’re working on a new version of their Xe architecture known as LPG. This approach to modern processor architecture involves breaking down the chip into smaller components, allowing for better optimization and verification of chiplets that can be used for both low and high power requirements. This is particularly useful for integrating both the discrete and integrated GPU architectures.

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Panther Lake is an upcoming Core processor architecture that is anticipated to be released after Lunar Lake, most likely in 2025-2026. While there isn’t much information available about this series yet, it appears that we may have just found out what kind of graphics will be included in this new processor lineup.

@harukaze5719 discovered some interesting information on the LinkedIn profile of an Intel GPU engineer. Apparently, Intel is working on a new architecture called Xe3-LPG for Panther Lake, which is the next generation after Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake, both of which will have Xe-LPG and Xe2-LPG architectures respectively. However, neither of these architectures have been released yet.

It is not really surprising that Intel is developing Arc GPU tiles for its Core series, as they already shared their GPU roadmap last year, which indicated that the Arc Tile GPU would be integrated into upcoming Lake platforms. However, what they didn’t mention in that presentation is that the Arc GPU tiles for the Core series will be one Xe generation behind their discrete GPU counterparts.

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There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the CPU roadmap at the moment, with many rumors about delays or cancellation of the Meteor Lake desktop. Despite this, it is clear that the Xe architecture is going to be around for a while, and we’ll see a lot of different versions of it in the coming years. These versions will also be used for desktop GPUs, but in different variants like Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid, which are designed for high-performance gaming (HPG).