ASRock B650 Motherboard Is Now Available For Less Than $125

If the prices of PC motherboards were more affordable, it would make it possible for more people to either build their own computers or upgrade their current ones. With the release of more Ryzen 7000 CPU options by AMD and the lowering of prices for DDR5 memory, the overall cost for upgrading to the Zen4 platform is now becoming more accessible to consumers.

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ASRock is preparing to release the B650M-HDV/M.2 motherboard, which will be priced under $125. This marks the entry-level price point for AMD’s AM5 series, which has already been announced. However, until now, no AM5 board on the market has been available at this price point for several months.

Newegg’s latest listing reveals that ASRock’s Micro-ATX board featuring the B650 chipset will be released on March 10th. The board was originally priced at $139.99, but the retailer has reduced it to $124.99. Although this model utilizes the more affordable B650 chipset without PCIe Gen5 support for the primary x16 slot, it still offers Gen5 functionality for M.2 SSDs.

asrock b650m hdv 1

The B650M-HDV/M.2 motherboard can accommodate two DDR5 memory modules, with a rating of up to 6400 MT/s when overclocked. It also features two full-sized PCIe Gen4 x16 slots and one with four lanes. The platform is powered by an 8+2+1 phase VRM, which is adequate for all Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

More importantly, the total cost of upgrading to the full AM5 platform has now fallen below $500. This includes the 6-core Ryzen 7 7600 CPU, the ASRock B650 motherboard, and the AMD-recommended DDR5-6000 memory.