ASRock Slashes Prices Of Their Lineup Of Arc Graphics Cards

ASRock has recently reduced prices on their range of Arc graphics cards, with the Challenger Arc A380 now available for $120 (previously $150), the Challenger Arc A750 8GB for $240 (previously $290), and the flagship Phantom Gaming Arc A770 8GB for $270 (previously $320) on Newegg. It is speculated that these price reductions may be a response to Intel’s previous price drops and may indicate that more price reductions are to come.

ASRock’s price drop on its Arc A770 8 GB puts it in a more favorable position compared to NVIDIA’s RTX 3060, which despite recent price reductions, is still priced well above $300, and even up to $400 for certain partner models. AMD’s position in the market remains competitive, with ASRock’s RX 6600 XT offerings listed at $275, making it a tough choice between the RX 6600 XT and the Arc A770 8 GB. Additionally, the RX 6650 XT, which typically sells for $290, only $20 more than the discounted A770 8 GB, offers a slightly better performance.

If ASRock can maintain this competitive pricing and if Intel’s driver team continues to improve the performance, stability and features of their graphics cards, the Arc line could become a serious competitor in the market, rather than just a novelty for beta testing.

Via TechPowerUp