AMD FreeSync Monitor Debutes Close to $200 Less than G-Sync Counterpart

With typical AMD fashion, the worlds first FreeSync enabled monitor is hitting shelves and is a massive $170 cheaper than it’s nearly identical Nvidia G-Sync counterpart. If you’re not familiar, last year Nvidia debuted the concept of G-Sync which involves matching the refresh rate of your monitor to the frame rate being produced by the GPU. The intended result is a complete or near complete reduction in screen tearing. Most of us currently battle this flaw using a frame limiter but it’s effectiveness is limited.

AMD FreeSync Slide

The 28″ ProLite B2888UHSU-B1 by iiyama is a 4K monitor with a cost of roughly $600 USD. The catch may end up being that the monitor actually ships without FreeSync functionality. In fact an update will be required to enable the feature and it is unknown whether that will mean you can do a firmware flash yourself, or whether you will actually end up shipping the monitor out to have the update applied. Aside from that small hurdle, your $170 dollars saved actually gets you the exact same 4K panel as the G-sync Acer panel and is the equivalent price of a comparable 4K monitor.

AMD Project FreeSync

Only time will tell if price wins out, but one thing we know for certain is the fanboys on both sides should be eating this one up.

Source: wccftech | News Archive