Watch Live Hacking Attacks In Real-Time

If you’ve not heard of Norse until now they are computer securities specialist company. Their specific claim to fame lies in live attack intelligence. Through the use of millions of dark sensors, honeypots, crawlers, and agents their DarkMatter Platform gathers malicious code attack data and with minimal delay provides real time data of the attacking code. Further Norse processes the collected data, analyzes it, and correlates it extensively to assign a Norse IPQ risk score which can then be used by the customer to determine what kind of action should be taken.

Norse Dark Matter

Obviously this is corporate level security, but what is going to be more interesting to you is the live attack tracker that can be viewed anytime on their website. This page presents a visual representation of the the electronic war being waged around the world 24/7. Visually you can see where these attacks come from and who their targets are. Additionally there are tally’s showing the number of attacks and attacks received for each location logged. It is immediately apparent who the biggest players are and it really sucks you in. Follow the link below to see for yourself.

Norse IPViking LIVE

Source: Norse-Corp via TweakTown | News Archive