Cooler Master Loses Patent Lawsuit to Asetek

If you remember back to 2013, shortly after Cooler Master launched their Seidon series of All In One CPU coolers they were hit with a lawsuit by Asetek. Asetek, one of the biggest developers of AIO cooler pump designs, brought suit claiming that CMI USA infringed on US Patent 8240362, as well as updated Patent 8245764. A California jury found that CMI USA had infringed on patent 8245764 and as a result was to pay Asetek $404,941 in royalties which amounts to 14.5% of sales. Yet to be decided is whether the district judge will grant Asetek’s request to have all infringing products currently on shelves pulled. Hopefully this settlement will not disrupt either company too badly and they can both resume bringing exciting and innovative products to the market.

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ThinkComputers actually reviewed a Seidon Series cooler just before the lawsuit was filled. Click here to read our Seidon 240m review.

Seidon 240m

Source: bit-tech | News Archive