AMD Kaveri A10 APU to be Bundled with Battlefield 4

So it has finally been confirmed that the flagship A10 Kaveri APU from AMD is going to come all bundled up with the Battlefield 4. This piece of information has been revealed through a Swedish source and it is quite surprising as well as happy news because AMD APU’s are usually known for being priced very reasonably and now it comes with a little surprise. Some of the leaked slides have shown a great deal about the Kaveri A10, which is going to have a massive 40% lead over the Intel i5-4670k Processor as far as the Gaming Graphics department is concerned. This lead was arrived at after looking at the 3DMark Firestrike Benchmark.


It has also been revealed that the Kaveri APU will be 50% more proficient as compared to the 4670k in the OpenCL. One thing is for sure that AMD is having an upward production curve and with every new generation, things keep on getting better. The game coming with Battlefield 4 is not the only good news; there are Mantle Optimizations which will allow the game to run at better performance and will require lesser power. All this will be done without having to sacrifice on the graphics quality. Even with Medium settings, the AMD Kaveri APU has enough horsepower to run the game at 30 FPS on 1080P resolution.


Source: Sweclockers | News Archive