Digital Storm to Showcase Steam Machine at CES 2014

It has only been a few days since iBuyPower had revealed openly its intentions to start the work on the Steam Machine and just like it was expected, we now have another PC maker which has put forward its intention of making a perfect gaming solution which will run for the Valve’s Steam OS. Digital Storm has now become the most recent Steam OS recruit and next month at the CES 2014, the world is going to get their share of the sneak peek of the ultimate Steam Machine.


The first Steam Machine by Digital Storm is going to start selling at a high of $1,469 and this might be viewed as a higher price range if compared to the price tag of $499 which iBuyPower is offering. But there are certain features which will help it stand out from the rest and for all those, the price tag seems pretty fair. It is going to equip a liquid cooled Intel processor, NVIDIA graphics card and a power supply of up to 700 W. as it is coming with both Steam OS and Microsoft Windows, the Steam Machine by Digital Storm is going to be offered as a dual-boot solution.

Source: The Verge | News Archive

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