AMD Launches the 8970M For Notebooks

As claimed by AMD late last year of their upcoming higher end offering which was expected to come in 2013, now that 2013 is here AMD debuts the new Radeon HD 8970M. This new HD 8970m is actually more or less the rebranding of HD7970 that came out last year. They say that these are not 100% identical; they are a few modifications which are mentioned as following.

amd 8970 1

AMD has well adjusted and tuned clock speed, power consumption (for a better battery life), boost clocks and added an intelligent AMD “Enduro” technology (effectively adjusts GPU power intake to optimize battery life.

Moreover The Radeon HD 8970M features 1280 shader ALUs, an 850MHz core clock (900MHz with boost), a 256-bit memory interface, and 2GB of GDDR5 RAM that pushes bits at 4.8 GT/s. The chip can filter 80 texels and process 32 ROP pixels per clock cycle. On a whole AMD says the 8790M can deliver 2.3 teraflops of single-precision floating-point power and 153.6GB/s of memory bandwidth.

amd 8970 2

Radeon HD 8970M comes with the eyefinity technology which is idle having an experience of best pc games graphics. Besides this it offers the AMD App acceleration which takes the work load off the CPU and provides excellent performance in our daily used applications. It’s the absolute multimedia tool which provides continuous playback and enhances the image quality for good video streaming. Not only has it given full support for DirectX 11.1 but also for Windows 8 for everyday games and applications.

Source: AMD | News Archive