AMD Navi and EPYC 2 to Launch in Q3 2019

AMD has a bunch of new product launching coming up, the first being their Ryzen 3000 series, which should launch at Computex 2019. Next we are expecting Navi, their next-generation graphics architecture and then their Rome EPYC server processors. For those who were expecting to see all of these announced at Computex, that is unlikely to happen as AMD has confirmed that Navi and EPYC 2 will come in Q3 of this year.

amd radeon

Q3 starts in July and ends in September so we should see announcements for both of those products in that time-frame. I was suspecting the Navi announcement to be made at E3 2019, which kicks off on June 11th, but that might not be happening. Although we could see an announcement there and then general availability more into July. As far as EPYC 2 I would expect to see that come after Navi and it makes sense for AMD to stagger these releases.

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