Intel Xe GPUs will Support Raytracing Hardware Acceleration

Intel’s upcoming Xe graphics cards will feature hardware-acceleration for real-time raytracing, much like NVIDIA’s Turing RYX graphics cards. This was revealed in an Intel blog post detailing how the company’s Rendering Framework will work with the upcoming Xe architecture. The blog however only mentions the company’s data-center GPUs are the ones that will support the feature, and there is no mention on whether this feature will make its way down to client-segment cards. Intel’s data-center Xe GPUs will be targeted towards cloud-based gaming service and cloud-computing providers.

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“I’m pleased to share today that the Intel Xe architecture roadmap for data center optimized rendering includes ray tracing hardware acceleration support for the Intel Rendering Framework family of API’s and libraries,” said Jim Jeffers, Sr. Principal Engineer and Sr. Director of Intel’s Advanced Rendering and Visualization team.

Via Intel

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