AMD Never Settle Bundle Coming to the R200 Series

AMD’s launch of its R200 series graphics cards have given many gamers a good bang for your buck over NVIDIA cards and now AMD hopes to give gamers even more value. AMD will be introducing the Never Settle Bundle to the R200 series. We are not sure when this promotion will launch, but expect it soon.

Never Settle Forever

AMD’s Vice President of Sales has confirmed that the Never Settle bundles will be making their way onto the R200 series. This is great news to AMD fans as the Never Settle bundles were only applicable to AMD’s 7000 series of cards. It looks like AMD will soon be opening them up to the R200 series as well.

The system will remain the same for the bundles. A Bronze reward will give you one free game, a Silver reward will give you two free games and a Gold reward will give you three games. Your reward is depends on the card you purchase. Adding the Never Settle bundle to the R200 could really help AMD will sales, especially for the upcoming Holiday season.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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