AMD next-gen AM5 Platform Will Feature LGA1718 Socket

The AMD AM5 platform will replace the AM4 platform. It will feature an LGA1718 socket, and it looks like AMD has plans to opt for the PGA socket instead of the LGA (land grid array). This means the next-gen AMD processors will have no pins; instead, the pins will be inserted into the motherboard socket.

The leakster has also confirmed that AM5 will also support DDR5 memory; unfortunately, the PCI Express Gen5 support will be exclusive to Zen4 Genoa (EPYC) processors only. This also means that the next-gen AMD consumer processors will retain PCIe Gen4 support. The upcoming AMD AM5 processors will compete with Intel Alder Lake-S as it is confirmed that they will also support PCIe Gen5 interface and DDR5.

Moreover, ExecuFix also confirmed that next-gen Zen4 processors will retain the 40mm square size of the AM4 based package.

Currently, it is unknown when will AMD release the AM5 motherboard series, but the leakster believes that it will be under 600 series, which means a successor to the existing X570 and upcoming X570S refresh will still feature an AM4 socket.

source: videocardz

There are rumors that first consumer Zen4 and AM5 products will have a codename of Raphael. However, previous rumors suggested that Raphael might launch in 2022, late 2022, to be exact. It confirms that the Intel Alder Lake platform will be the first one to market and support both DDR5 and PCIe Gen5.

Via ExecutableFix