AMD Polaris 10 Engineering Sample Pictured

At AMD’s Capsaicin event they did demo a Polaris 10 GPU running Hitman in DirectX 12. The demo however was quite short and vague, but did give us some information to go off of. We do know that Polaris 10 is capable of running a AAA title at 60+ FPS while being installed in a small form factor chassis. According to VRWorld the PCB of the Polaris 10 engineering sample was not much larger than the R9 Nano’s. This means that AMD is pushing for the new standard of small cards with high-end specifications. It is unclear whether Polaris 10 will replace Hawaii or Fiji in terms of performance.

AMD Polaris 10

The sample that was being used at the event had 5 display outputs which included 3x DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI 2.0, amd DVI-D dual link. DisplayPort 1.3 supports 5K content at 60 Hz or 4K/60 Hz with HDR. DVI was not found on Fiji-based products, so it is interesting to see it again.


AMD Polaris 11 is going to be the lower-end chip. It will most likely end up as a popular mobile part which can be used without an active cooling solution. According to Ryan Shrout from PCPerspective the Polaris 11 can output 4K VR content while being cooled passively. This could be a card we see being used by notebook manufacturers in the future.


Source: VRWorld | News Archive

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