AMD Polaris 10 GPU Specifications Leaked

The specifications for AMD’s upcoming Polaris 10 GPU have been leaked! The hardware specifications have been spotted on the SiSoftware Sandra benchmarking database. We know that AMD will be releasing Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 GPUs. The Polaris 10 is actually the larger GPU out of the two.


The SiSoftware entry is a 8GB GDDR5/X, 256bit GPU with 2304 4th generation GCN cores. This Polaris chip carries the 0x67DF device ID, which according to AMD’s recently released driver source code indicates that we’re likely at the cut down variant of Polaris 10. This could end up being the R9 490 or R9 480 if AMD keeps their current naming scheme.


Now the full Polaris 10 chip has the device ID of 0x67C0 and will likely have 2816 GCN cores, much like Hawaii XT. Back to the 0x67DF device ID, which we believe is a cut-down version of Polaris 10, the SiSoftware entry shows a clock speed of 800 MHz, which is quite low. This probably means that we are looking at an early engineering sample. We know that 14nm FinFET will clock much higher than 28nm. So expect to see a higher clock speed of around 1150 MHz on the final version of the card.

Taking a look at the performance results we can see that the card performed better than the GTX Titan Black. Which features a full GK110 chip and coincidentally is faster than a 2816 GCN core Hawaii XT GPU. Keeping in mind that the chip is running at a very low clock speed and has a low number of GCN cores it performed better than what a R9 290X would perform. This shows us that the GCN 4.0 cores perform much better than their predecessors.

We can also see that the card has 6Gbps GDDR5 memory chips rather than GDDR5X which combined with a 256bit bus delivers 192GB/s of bandwidth. Exactly half the memory bandwidth of the R9 390 and 390X, which indicates that production Polaris 10 cards could feature 12Gbps GDDR5X memory instead to deliver the same amount of bandwidth.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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