AMD’s AM4 Platform Details Leaked

The details of AMD’s upcoming AM4 socket have been leaked to the internet. AMD will be moving to a µOPGA socket as opposed to the OPGA one that has been used before. This will allow AMD to house processors with TDPs up to 140W while utilizing a total of 1331 pins. That is 391 more than what AMD has used in their AM/FM sockets. The AM4 socket is designed to house all of AMD’s upcoming Zen CPUs and APUs.


OPGA stands for Organic Pin Grid Array (the ‘organic’ in the term stands for the plastic attached to the silicon die, out of which the pins protrude), and according to this report, the company is deploying a new standard called the µOPGA socket. The micro in the term indicates that AMD will be using pins with less diameter, which will presumable be weaker than OPGA based pins. Going up from 940 pins to 1331 is an increase of approximately 40% and it is implied that AMD will be decreasing the distance between the pins.

This means that the µOPGA AM4 socket size will remain approximately the same size, it will be more fragile. AMD will be using this socket for all of its mainstream and enthusiasts platforms, this will include APUs as well. AM4 will be combining the best points of AM1+, AM3+ and FM2 sockets.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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