AMD “Polaris 12” Found In Linux Drivers

It looks like NVIDIA is working on a third GPU that will be based on its current “Polaris” architecture, which is Polaris 12. Looking into the code of AMDGPU DRM kernel driver, PCI-IDs 0x6980, 0x6981, 0x6985, 0x6986, 0x6987, and 0x699F, were pointing to a descriptor “Polaris 12.” There are not other details known at this time.


If we go by how AMD has done things with Polaris so far with Polaris 10 (RX 470 / RX 480) being the larger chip and Polaris 11 (RX 460) being smaller, then Polaris 12 would be even smaller and less powerful. In our eyes that does not make much sense as it would compete with integrated graphics solutions. This could be a Polaris 10 refresh on an improved process, or even a chip made at TSMC. Only time will tell, we’ll keep you updated!

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