AMD Prepping Ryzen 5000 XT Series With Faster Clocks

Earlier this year, AMD broadened its range of desktop processors, notably emphasizing the AM5 series and Ryzen 8000G APUs. Unexpectedly, the company unveiled four additional AM4 processors, indicating ongoing developments in their lineup.

Contrary to initial forecasts, AMD has prolonged its backing for the AM4 socket until at least 2025, demonstrating its pledge to multi-year assistance. Although certain motherboards may face constraints in accommodating all processors due to BIOS size limitations, AMD’s steadfast commitment to sustained support remains apparent.

During a recent event held in China, AMD revealed two forthcoming products: the Ryzen 8000F chips, which include disabled integrated graphics, and the Ryzen 5000XT series. This marks not the initial occasion AMD has introduced XT series processors.


In the previous instance, we saw the Ryzen 3000XT, featuring clock speeds 100 to 200 MHz higher than the original parts. These improvements were implemented on the Zen2-based “Matisse” SKUs, a microarchitecture still utilized today and reportedly planned for the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro. In the future, it appears that the newer Zen3 architecture will undergo comparable updates as well. Although AMD has verified the launch of such series in China, specific SKUs have not yet been detailed.

The Ryzen 5000XT will continue the trend set by other recently released parts, such as the 5000GT, which focused on increasing frequency in existing models. However, while the 5000GT comprised APUs built on Cezanne silicon, the upcoming release will feature a refresh of “Vermeer” desktop SKUs.

Via Wccftech

Image: @9550pro