AMD Project Quantum Detailed

At AMD’s presentation at the PC Gaming Show earlier this week they showed off Project Quantum, which is a fully functional PC that packs in two Fiji cores. What is even more impressive than that is the actual size of the unit itself.

AMD Project Quantum

Now it is only a concept at this point, but we do know the unit that was being shown at the event did in fact work. AMD has gone with a dual-chamber design where all of the hardware (motherboard, CPU, graphics, storage, etc) is on the bottom part of the chassis and at the top is a custom-designed watercooling system. The power supply is actually a complete separate unit all in itself.

AMD Project Quantum

The really interesting thing about Project Quantum is that the CPU is not made by AMD, but rather Intel. The system uses a customized version of ASRock’s Z97E-ITX/ac motherboard with an Intel Core i7-4970K “Devil’s Canyon” processor. The dual graphics inside is actually a single card, the dual Fiji (Radeon Fury X2) that AMD also showed off at the show.

With this amount of graphics processing power the unit is expected to deliver between 60 and 90 frames per second in all games played in 4K resolution. This is something that many high-end PCs cannot achieve.

Project Quantum was designed in AMD’s Innovation Lab to show what really can be done. We are not sure if AMD will actually be selling something like that, especially with an Intel processor inside, but we could see select partners offer Project Quantum systems.

For more information on Project Quantum check out the video below.

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