AMD R9 M290X Mobility Flagship Spotted

AMD is now going to be presenting what would so far be its best effort in the Mobile Graphics Department and it is ready to roll out the AMD R9 M290X Mobility Flagship which was spotted in MSI’s AG2712A All in One PC. The list of the specs mentioned alongside the details talks about the new product as AMD R9 M290X / 8970M and this might have triggered a thought process because we can recall that the 8970M is actually a rebrand of the 7970M with only a few tweaks here and there with clock speeds and soft upgrades.


Some sources have revealed that there is a clock speed of 950Mhz (max) and 1250Mhz on the memory clock and these readings are exactly 50 Mhz more than the 8970M which does not go unnoticed. The temperature remained at 57C during Furmark in MSI’s All in One PC and this seems to be quite acceptable and with 1280 Stream Processors, we are suspecting that the power of the R9 M290X is going to be roughly equivalent to the 7870. So far this is all we have been able to manage and everyone will be informed if in case there are more details before CES 2014. Some sources are even of the view that MSI might have gotten their specs wrong and they most probably confused one mobile GPU (Radeon R9 M290X) for the other (8970M). But nothing can be confirmed until we get more official details.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive