NVIDIA Possibly Working on Dual GK110 GeForce GTX 790

About a month ago we talked about AMD working on a dual GPU graphics solution based on their “Hawaii” architecture. Proof of this was in AMD’s driver package, but this card may never make it to market. On the other side NVIDIA is said to be working on a new dual GPU solution of their own, the GeForce GTX 790.

GeForce GTX 790

If the rumors are true this card is going to be a beast! The card is said to feature dual GK110 graphics processors with 2496 streaming processors each. This will be the first time that we have seen a GK110-based card with that many SPs. For reference the GTX 780 has 2304 and the Titan has 2688. So each of these GPUs will have performance between the Titan and GTX 780. So when you double that, there is some real power there!

The memory on the card is said to run on a dual 320-bit memory bus and each GPU will have 5 GB of memory, giving the card a total of 10 GB! This will make this card ideal for true 4K gaming.

No word on when or if this card will come out. Will we see an announcement at CES 2014? If so expect a very high price for this card!

Source: MyDrivers | News Archive

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