Liquid Image Enables 4G LTE Streaming with EGO LS Mobile Camera

Liquid Image showed off at CES Unveiled today its latest tiny sports camera, the EGO LS, and its two modules, a 4G LTE module and a battery module. This tiny camera can record 1080p @ 30 fps, 720p @ 60 fps, and QVGA @ 30 fps, in addition to its up to 8 MP still camera.

Liquid Image EGO LS video camera itself

The EGO LS features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity built in, enabling inter-camera communication, as well as connectivity to iOS and Android devices directly. Liquid Image is working with various other companies to enable the EGO LS to talk to personal fitness devices, microphones, and headphones to record and playback data from these devices. The scenario our rep suggested is a winter sports junkie with a FitBit or the like, recording their descent down a mountain visually while a display of their heart rate is written to the video, as well.

Liquid Image EGO LS video camera 4G LTE module

Using the 4G LTE module, the EGO LS can stream content to the Internet at QVGA resolution. This uses approximately 2 MB/s, so users have to be conscientious about usage: 2 GB plan only has enough for about 17 minutes of streaming. It’s obviously much better to stream over WiFi when available! When using the 4G LTE module, an extra 1900 mAh battery in the module keeps the system alive for up to two hours of streaming. The rear of the module

Lastly, a simple battery module provides 1900 mAh of power, yielding up to six hours of recording time.

The EGO LS and its modules will be available in June 2014 for an as-of-yet undetermined price. Keep an eye on its product page and here on ThinkComputers for updates!

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