Liquid Image Releases Snow, Swim, and SCUBA Eyewear with Embedded Cameras

Liquid Image showed off four new goggles products in its new Ops and Hydra series. Liquid Image’s schtick is to embed a camera in directly in the eyewear itself, rather than relying on mounts.

Liquid Image Ops Snow Goggles

The Ops series includes Snow Goggles and Swim Goggles. Availability of the snow goggles is undetermined but likely priced around $200, while the swim goggles will be available in June 2014 for around $120. These goggles are certified to 15 ft depth, but are likely to go deeper and may be re-certified as testing continues. Both sets are capable of 1080p @ 30 fps and 720p @ 60 fps, plus 3 MP photo mode.

Liquid Image Ops Swim Goggles

The Hydra series includes 1080p wide-angle SCUBA Goggles and 720p SCUBA Goggles, both available in May 2014 starting at $120. These goggles are certified to 40 m (~130 ft). They both shoot at 30 fps and have a 5 MP photo mode.

Liquid Image Hydra 305 720p SCUBA mask

This author, who is a diver himself, hopes that the SCUBA model has or can be modified with a color filter!

Liquid Image Hydra 326 1080p SCUBA mask

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