ioSafe and Synology Protect Your Data from Fire and Water with the 1513+

Synology and ioSafe partnered to introduce the five-bay ioSafe 1513+, introduced at CES and shown off at Pepcom’s Digital Experience mini-show.

ioSafe 1513+ NAS

The 1513+ can withstand 1550°F temperatures and up to 10 feet depth for 30 minutes, guaranteed to keep data safe for long enough to get a fire put out and get what’s left of the unit — your data — out safely.

ioSafe 1513+ NAS inside

The 1513+ is certified for 4 TB drives, yielding 20 TB of raw storage per unit. It supports connection of up to two expansion bays of similar size and protection, for a total of 15 bays. The $1600 unit will likely be certified for 6 TB capacity drives before its release at the end of the first quarter, yielding up to 90 TB of raw storage when combined with expansion units.

ioSafe 1513+ NAS rear

The 1513+ sports two USB3 ports, two eSATA ports, four Ethernet ports for bonded and/or redundant connections, four USB2 ports, and a Kensington lock port.

Synology also reports that version 5.0 of its DiskStation software will be released before the end of January.


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Edited 10 Jan 2010 23:10 PST: Corrected nature of Ethernet ports. Thanks, SWY!

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