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ioSafe 500GB Rugged Portable Hard Drive Review

If you travel at all or take your laptop with you anywhere you most likely have a portable hard drive.  Most of these drives are normal and do not offer that much protection.  Drop them once and they normally are toast!  For those looking for something that it is going to last through the drops, rain and other conditions you may want to check out the Rugged Portable Hard Drive from ioSafe.  We’ve put this hard drive through everything and it keeps on going!  Read on as we check out this practically indestructible hard drive!

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IOSafe Rugged Portable @ LanOC Reviews

<em>"So you do the smart thing, you backup your data from your laptop and your home PC to an external or network drive and go on with life feeling confident that you have gone well and above what most people do. For the most part, you did. What about when you’re traveling, have you seen how much abuse a device can take when on the go? For some people, and I know I’m one of them, some of the data you carry with you while traveling is more important than the laptop or device that you actually carry it on. In that situation you need a way to not have to worry about your data, no matter the situation, and to have a guarantee to back it up as well. The folks over at IOSafe focus specifically on this crowd. Not only do they offer products that are according to them build to handle almost anything, but they back it up with data recovery if something does happen. Today we are going to take a look at that Rugged Portable hard drive to see what all of the fuss is about, without any more buildup, let’s dig in."</em> <center><img src=""></center><br> Via <a href="" target="_blank">LanOC Reviews</a>

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Unboxing the ioSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive

Have you ever had an external hard drive die on you? More importantly has this drive died because you dropped it or you may have spilled something on it? If that has happened to you then you may be interested in the external drive we are taking a look at today. The ioSafe Rugged Portable hard drive is made to be basically disaster-proof. It is crush proof up to 5,000 pounds, has drop protection up to 20 feet and immersion protection up to 30 feet for 3 days! That is pretty impressive, read on to see our unboxing and overview video!

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