Soundfreaq Double Spot Combines Big Sound And Portability

Bluetooth speakers tend to be really portable and offer decent sound for their size. But what happens when you want bigger sound and maybe something a little more permanent? Introducing Double Spot, Soundfreaq’s answer for a bluetooth speaker with a larger size, better features, yet still portable.

Soundfreaq Double Spot Front

Double Spot’s name may make you think of bubble gum, but there’s nothing poppy about Double Spot’s size or sound. Double Spot supports bluetooth connectivity, a USB power port (5V, 1A) for charging your mobile devices, and an auxiliary 3.5mm input jack. When you want to take it on the go, you can pop in Double Spot’s optional seven hour battery, turning this table top bluetooth device into a portable boombox. To match modern home decor, Double Spot’s outer coating is two-tone, wood grain and white. All of these features are pointless without quality sound, but Soundfreaq didn’t leave us hanging.

Soundfreaq Double Spot Top - Play, Pair

Soundfreaq decided Double Spot deserved custom designed drivers that will allow for maximum volume without any distortion. Not only that, 3 different equalizer settings are available, Warm, Flat, and Bright. And if you’re looking for a bit more immersion, you can flip on UQ3, Soundfreaq’s spatial enhancer.

Expect to see Double Spot hitting store shelves mid 2014 for $119. If you’d like the optional seven hour battery, you can buy it separately for $39, or a package deal with the battery pre-installed for $149.

Soundfreaq Double Spot Back


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