AMD Radeon R400 Series to be Codenamed Arctic Islands

While we still do not know a whole lot about AMD’s Radeon R300 series, the first rumors about the Radeon R400 series have already started to appear. According to a report by SweClockers the Radeon R400 series, expected in 2016, will be codenamed Arctic Islands.


For those who have not been following AMD over the past few years each generation of graphics cards have been named after a distinct geographical area. We’ve had Southern Islands, Sea Islands, Volcanic Islands, Pirate Islands and now we will have Arctic Islands. Here is a full breakdown:

2012 — Radeon HD 7000 – Southern Islands
2013 — Radeon HD 8000 – Sea Islands
2013 — Radeon Rx 200 – Volcanic Islands
2015 — Radeon Rx 300 – Pirate Islands
2016 — Radeon Rx 400 – Arctic Islands

Looking at the full list of potential candidates for codenames the best looks to be either Bear Island or Pioneer Island.


With the codename being Arctic Islands with this bring a whole new level of cooling as well? Time will only tell, but we are expecting 16/14 nm FinFet chips and more power efficient silicon than 28 nm.

Source: SweClockers via VideoCardz | News Archive

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