AMD Radeon R9 480 (non-X) Performance Close To R9 390X

It is interesting following all of the GPU news leading up to the launch of AMD’s Polaris architecture and NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture. With both of these we are going to see a pretty large performance jump and lower power consumption. An early GFXBench run gives us some idea of the performance of the upcoming Radeon R9 480 (non-X). It looks like we will see performance very close to the Radeon R9 390X.

The R9 480 (non-X) will of course succeed the current R9 380 which sits at $200. So this means you are going to get performance of the $400 R9 390X at a lower cost and at half the power draw. This definitely confirms the “generational leap” claims that AMD has been talking in regards to Polaris. This also means that the full “Ellesmere” chip will offer up performance of current $600 GPUs at a $350-ish price-point!

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