AMD Radeon RX 7900 Likely To Face Supply Issues At Launch

Igor’sLAB published an article regarding the Radeon 7900 series depending on data gathered from various sources, including large board partners that manufacture Radeon GPUs. There have been rumors that only 10,000 Made by AMD (MBA) graphics cards will be released across EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

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Even while 3,000 units are allocated to Germany, if just 7,000 cards are accessible for the rest of the area, then it seems like there will be supply issues at launch. Other Igor sources report that BIOS difficulties still hampered the release (memory leaks causing graphics card freezes) and delivery delays. Some personalized cards are not expected to be released until at least January.

At the same time, Chinese media have come forth to confirm that there would be no sales of MBA cards in the nation. According to reports, this is the outcome of a difficult situation in Taiwan. Only personalized cards will be available at launch, ensuring higher costs and a limited supply. However, for AMD, the Chinese GPU market is heavily dominated by NVIDIA GPUs; therefore, Radeon 7900 availability in China is likely to stay the same.

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According to BoardChannels sources, recent COVID-19 breakouts and factory closures are also affecting the manufacture of Radeon 7900 cards. Some have only recently reopened, which will impact early shipments and delivery.

Via Igor’sLab, Chiphell