AMD Radeon RX 7900M Navi 31 GPU With 72 RDNA3 CUs To Launch On October 19

Based on the most recent updates from Wccftech, AMD is getting ready to introduce the Radeon RX 7900M laptop graphics card on October 19th, which aligns with the speculated launch date of the Threadripper PRO 7000.

For context, AMD had previously introduced mobile SKUs based on the Navi 33 architecture, specifically the RX 7600M/S series, which were relatively rare in the gaming laptop market. Laptop manufacturers predominantly leaned towards the RTX 4050/4060 series, and AMD didn’t display much interest in competing with more robust options until now. The Navi 32 GPU, equipped with up to 60 Compute Units, seemed like a promising candidate for a laptop GPU, potentially for the RX 7800M series. However, recent reports indicate that AMD is now shifting its focus towards introducing a more potent Navi 31 architecture instead.

AMD Radeon RX 7900M RDNA 3 Mobility GPU

The upcoming RX 7900M is rumored to come with 72 Compute Units, suggesting that it might not be based on the Navi 32 GPU. This supports the speculation regarding a smaller Navi 31 variant, similar to what’s seen in the RX 7900 GRE desktop model. The RX 7900M is expected to feature 4608 Stream Processors, which is more than twice the core count of the RX 7600M XT. However, it’s worth noting that the 72 CU configuration represents a reduction when compared to the RX 7900 GRE (80 CUs), RX 7900 XT (84 CUs), and RX 7900 XTX (96 CUs). This decrease in GPU cores, approximately by 25%, seems to have been a deliberate choice to ensure that the GPU’s Total Graphics Power (TGP) stays below 175 watts, which is the maximum power consumption limit for laptop GPUs.

Earlier speculations have hinted at the RX 7900M incorporating a 256-bit memory bus, which strongly indicates a 16GB memory configuration, as 8GB is no longer deemed sufficient for high-end models. When we contrast the already launched RX 7000M cards with the rumored RX 7900M, it becomes apparent that there’s a significant difference between the Navi 31/33 cards. It’s highly probable that AMD will eventually unveil the Navi 32 architecture, and we can only hope that the wait for its release won’t be too prolonged.

Via Wccftech