AMD Radeon RX Vega Now $700 At Amazon and Newegg

This AMD Radeon RX Vega pricing problem is still going on. We already talked about it going all the way up to the distributor level, but that in fact is hurting consumers as our latest price-check at popular online retailers puts the card at $700, which is a $200 premium over its supposed $499 launch price.

rx vega amazon

As you can see on Amazon the cards that are available are selling for $699! Moving over to Newegg the two single cards that are available are selling for $719 and $689 respectively.

rx vega newegg

So what is the real story here? Was the $499 price just an “introductory” price for the card and once first stocks were sold out the price went up? We know that distributors are charging $675 to retailers for the cards, so what gives AMD?

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