AMD Ryzen R7-1700X Benchmarks: Insane Performance For $389!

We are getting closer and closer to AMD’s Ryzen launch! We finally have a full suite of synthetic benchmarks run on the $389 Ryzen R7-1700X processor. While these tests were done on a qualifications sample, the results here should not be far off from what we’ll see from the retail versions of the chip.


In the benchmarks the R7-1700X is clocked at 3.4 GHz with Turbo mode disabled. This means that the results should be higher than this when the processors are officially released and have turbo mode enabled. The processor was tested on an entry-level MSI A320.


Looking at the results you can see that the Ryzen chip does quite well! It beats out the Core i7-7700K in most of the tests. Not bad for a chip that will only be $389! Check out the full results over at VideoCardz!

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