AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X, 3970X and 3990X Launch Dates Leaked

More details on AMD’s upcoming Threadripper 3000 series HEDT CPUs has been leaked. We now have more details on each of the three processors, their release dates, and more! This information was obtained by VideoCardz from a confidential source at AMD, so these details should be pretty spot on.

AMD Threadripper 3960X & 3970X

AMD will initially be offering three different Threadripper 3000 chips, they will be the 3960X, 3970X, and 3990X. The 3960X and 3990X will be unveiled on November 5th, but reviews and sales on the chips will be held till November 19th.

AMD Threadripper 3990X

AMD will also announce the Threadripper 3990X processor on November 5th, but this model is planned for a January 2020 release. It is likely that AMD will only reveal the name and core count of the processor on the November 5th announcement. It is very unlikely that AMD will tell is anything about clock speeds or price.

AMD TRX40 Chipset

The TRX40 chipset will also be unveiled on November 5th. This will also be the date that motherboard makers have the greenlight to showcase their TRX40 motherboards, but they will not be made available for sale until November 19th.

Threadripper 3980X and TRX80 Chipset

According to the documents acquired by VideoCardz, there is no mention of a 3980X SKU or even TRX80 motherboards. So it is safe to say we will likely see those down the line.

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