AMD Says Its Radeon 600M RDNA2 GPUs Are Faster Than NVIDIA’s GTX 1650 Max-Q

AMD Ryzen 6000HS series is available now as AMD has today announced the availability of the first Ryzen 6000-based laptop designs.

AMD Ryzen 6000 2

The embargo on Ryzen 6000 mobile processor series codenamed “Rembrandt” was recently lifted by the company. AMD also revealed that only the HSseries for thin gaming systems will be available currently, while HX and U-series will launch in early next month. According to another report, Radeon 6000 PRO mobile CPUs are also releasing in mid-March.

AMD has provided many details on the Rembrandt power efficiency and the silicon design along with results of Rembrandt’s integrated RDNA2 GPU. It is being considered as the most significant upgrade coming with the recent mobile series.

AMD Ryzen 6000 1

Reportedly AMD has declared that Radeon 600M iGPUs offer superior gaming performance compared to Intel Iris (Xe-LP), even on Ryzen 7 6800U SoC which is a power-limited processor for ultra-thin designs. The 680M iGPU is to offer 47-73 FPS while Intel Iris 26-42 FPS as per AMD’s own criteria.

Moreover, the company also provided benchmark results showing GeForce MX 450 and GTX Max-Q solutions . The integrated Radeon 680M may not be as fast as the GTX 1650M in pure raster performance but it supports AMD FSR technology which increases the framerate even more. Reportedly, the GTX 1650M can FSR too, however, it does not support NVIDIA DLSS. This is because it is based on Turing architecture without Tensor cores.

AMD Radeon 600M

The GPU offers at least 43 FPS in all tested games. The Radeon 660M is equipped with AMD FSR technology making it compatible with even more demanding games such as Godfall, Deathloop, or Back 4 Blood that can be playable at higher frame rates.

The AMD Radeon 600M iGPUs based on RDNA2 architecture are out in the market with Ryzen 6000HS laptops like ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14.

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