AMD To Release Ryzen AGESA Update To Improve DDR4 Memory Support

AMD is putting its final touches on the latest update of AGESA micro-code of its Ryzen processors. This update will improve DDR4 memory support, enable higher memory clocks, and tighter timings. The AGESA micro-code will be deployed through motherboard vendors as a motherboard BIOS update. It adds over 20 new registers for the “Summit Ridge” integrated memory controllers, this is to improve compatibility with “Intel-friendly” DDR4 memory brands.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor

Since Ryzen’s launch AMD recommended PC builders to only use certian brands of DDR4 memory for the best performance. These mostly included modules with Smasung “B die” DRAM chips like G.Skill’s Flare X series. This new update will let AMD Ryzen users manually dial up DRAM clocks and tighten timings of a larger range of DDR4 memory kits.

Hopefully this will make the Ryzen platform more stable. This was one of our main concerns when we first reviewed the platform not that long ago.

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