MSI and SteelSeries Partnering Up For RGB Symmetry

It looks like MSI and SteelSeries have reached somewhat of a strategic partnership when it comes to lighting up your PC and gaming accessories of choice. As I’m sure you know both MSI and SteelSeries offer products that come with RGB lighting. This includes motherboards from MSI and keyboards, mice, and headsets from SteelSeries. It looks like MSI was impressed with the SteelSeries RGB control and it is now compatible with one of their motherboards, the Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon.

msi rgb 1

The single motherboard working like this seems to be a tentative partnership for now, but obviously if things go well could be expanded to more MSI motherboards in the future. The application that MSI liked so much they decided to reach out to SteelSeries is the SteelSeries Engine 3 (SSE3), which we covered in our review of the Rival 500 gaming mouse.

This software will now allow you to sync your motherboards RGB LED lighting to that of your gaming accessories, ensuring a single “LED lighting language” across your desk space. SSE3 includes two main RGB modes, PrismSync and GameSense. PrismSync controls all of the lighting effects allow you to choose your color and effects. GameSense on the other hand will dynamically change the lighting and effects according to what is going on in your game of choice. So you can sync colors based on your in-game health and other metrics.

This marks the first time that you can control all of your RGB LED lighting from different manufacturers (well, just two right now) through a single application. I really like this, hopefully they extend their partnership to more motherboards and possibly SteelSeries will work with other motherboard manufacturers.

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