AMD Working on Single-GPU Card to take on the GTX 780 Ti

Reports have surfaced that say AMD is working on a new single-GPU graphics card to compete with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 780 Ti and maybe even the GeForce GTX Titan Black. While we expect this new graphics card to have a clock speed bump, it will also leverage high-bandwidth memory (HBM). This new cutting edge technology relies on stacking multiple DRAM dies with dedicated memory paths into a single package. This will effectively cut down on power draw, temperatures and PCB real estate.


The first type of HBMs available are 8 Gbit 4Hi, these will interface with the GPU over a 128-bit path. This means that there will be just four memory packages on the card since the Hawaii silicon features a 512-bit wide memory bus. While the memory could be clocked higher, memory bandwidth is not the main factor that determines VGA performance. So AMD will have to offer higher GPU clocks on this new card. Rumors are that this new card will be called the Radeon R9 295X.

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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