AMD XFX Radeon RX 6700 XL With 10GB VRAM Pictured!

The used GPU market is currently displaying some intriguing post-mining machinery. Recently, a card frequently utilized (in mining) was discovered. This model has never been shown before. This XFX Radeon graphics card is a heavily modified variant with three fans that never made it to the market.

XFX RADEON 6700 2 1800x789 1

According to the packaging label, this is a Radeon RX 6700 XL with 10GB VRAM. This model has a detailed history, but to cut a long story short, these cards did not actually make it to the consumer market. AMD has been sending the scaled-down Navi 22 graphics processing units (GPUs) to its board partners, but they had other plans than offering them to gamers. Instead, the great majority of RX 6700 XL/non-XT Graphics cards were sold to crypto miners directly. AMD did not officially announce RX 6700 until June of this year, although they have been offered as ‘BC-2235 mining cards for more than a year.


Unlike Sapphire, which officially announced its RX 6700 non-XT GPUs, XFX has not even verified the existence of such a model. The label verifies the product’s SKU and memory configuration. However, there is a significant misunderstanding around the series. The cooler distinctly reads QICK, but the labels show SWFT (309) – two separate series under the XFX name.

XFX RADEON 6700 3 1800x919 1

This specific model features two different power connectors, presumably dual 8-pin, and 2.5-slot cooler designs. It would be an impressive card for budget gaming these days, mainly due to Intel Arc A7 GPUs coming to the market very soon. If you come across one of those or even consider purchasing one, keep in mind that these cards were used for crypto mining and that such a Radeon model does not publicly exist in the XFX range.