AMD’s Desktop and Mobile Processors Roadmap Leaked

A leaked roadmap has turned up on the SemiAccurate Forums. It appears to be the official roadmap for AMD processors. These leaked slides not only show the mainstream desktop side of things, but also the mobility side of things through the end of 2017.

First we will start with what we assume you are most interested in, the desktop processors.


Taking a look at the desktop roadmap you can see that “Bristol Ridge” is set to release in 2016 – 2017, yet we have not seen any of the APUs in the wild yet. These APUs will require new AM4 motherboards, which are not out yet.

“Summit Ridge” and “Raven Ridge” are both set to release in 2017. Summit Ridge is the mainstream Zen platform in which you will see 8 cores and 16 threads. This will also be based on the unified AM4 socket motherboards. These chips will have configurable TDPs from 65W to 95W.

“Raven Ridge” will succeed “Bristol Ridge” in 2017. These chips will have 4 x86 Zen cores and configurable TDPs from 35W to 95W.

As of right now we know that the AM4 chipset “Promontory” has not been finalized. There are some issues with it that have not been resolved yet. It does not seem that AMD is too concerned as long as it is ready for the Summit Ridge launch.

Bristol Ridge AM4 APUs are ready to go, but of course they have to wait for the chipset to be finalized. Bristol Ridge does not seem to be a really big deal to AMD as it does not much offer much of a performance boost over Excavator.

Check out the mobile roadmap below.


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