AMD’s EPYC CPU Share Grew Past 30% In Q4 2022 While Intel Struggled

With the help of its EPYC CPUs, AMD has historically had a market share of over 30% in the CPU industry as a whole. Mercury Research has released the most recent share figures for the fourth quarter of 2022, which demonstrate Intel and AMD’s performance in the CPU market.

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AMD’s market share is currently 31.3% (up from 28.5% in Q4 2021), compared to Intel’s 68.7% (down from 71.5%). With its server and client processors, AMD has already managed to capture more than a quarter of the whole market, and this is only the beginning.

The research site also noted that both Intel and AMD had the largest fall in shipments in more than three decades. This had a significant impact on the client side of chip sales, as both Intel and AMD recorded a loss in their prior results. CPU shipping declines are presently down 34% annually and about 19% quarterly.

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The EPYC and Instinct processors from AMD are anticipated to significantly increase the company’s market share by over 30% by the end of the year. The organization has a really solid plan for the server market, and we can’t wait to watch how things develop in the coming quarters. On the other hand, some industry watchers believe that Intel’s newest Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs may show to be the turning tide for the blue team since major customers’ upgrades to the new chips will also prove to be highly favorable for the DRAM market.

Intel currently has the top spot in the server market, but it will need to make significant adjustments to stop AMD’s EPYC series of CPUs from dominating the market. AMD has also outlined a strong client strategy, which should compete with Intel’s ambitions later this year. Both businesses have also developed a robust mobility range, and this will undoubtedly result in intense competition in the laptop market.

Via Wccftech