AMD’s Project Quantum Will Have an AMD CPU Option

We first reported on AMD’s Project Quantum last week and as I pointed out the unit that they were showing at the event was in fact powered by an Intel CPU. This was sort of odd since AMD makes their own CPUs and is a direct competitor with Intel. Well AMD issues a statement this week to clarify that they will offer both AMD and Intel processor options with Project Quantum.

AMD Project Quantum

AMD also pointed out that the main feature of project quantum is that it features two Fiji graphics card processors working together to bring unheard of graphics card power for this form factor. So users will be able to choose between AMD and Intel CPUs for their system.

Project Quantum is designed as a small form factor gaming PC that is made for high resolution gaming. AMD worked with many companies to come up with a custom liquid cooling solution that cools both the two Fiji cores and CPU over a common coolant channel and uses a single large radiator.

Source: Toms Hardware | News Archive

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