AMD’s Ryzen CPU Reportedly Cuts Down Tesla Model 3’s Driving Range

A report from advisory service Teslascope suggests that AMD Ryzen microprocessors installed inside Tesla Model 3 are reducing their driving range. Tesla recently switched to AMD’s devices after utilizing Intel Corporation’s Atom processors in its infotainment systems for a considerably longer period. On the other hand, the range for Tesla’s Model Y has reportedly seen an increase due to the model featuring larger batteries.


Teslascope’s tweet also mentioned that the electric vehicle company asked its buyers in Australia, who had made a preorder, to give consent to having their vehicle range decreased. Though the company did not mention AMD in its message, but it did tell its customers that a new technology for the Model 3 has affected the range of the vehicle. The company also asked if the customers would still like to proceed with their pre-order.

AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPU For AM5 Platform 1030x1024 1

The Ryzen has been in use for Tesla’s other vehicles, such as the Model S, Model S Plaid, and Model X since the previous year. The details about the decrease in the range were first revealed by a Twitter account, Tesla_Adri, who also mentioned that the news of range reduction has been confirmed by a reliable source within the company.

Via WCCFTech