AMD’s Socket AM4 “Bristol Ridge” APU De-lidded

Here are some of the first photos of an AMD socket AM4 APU being de-lidded. De-lidding is a process where a user removes the IHS (integrated heatspreader) metal plate that covers the CPU die. Many PC enthusiasts will remove the IHS to improve heat transfer between the CPU and different cooling solutions like LN2.


The overclocker Nam Dae Won who has access to multiple socket AM4 chips (more than likely 7th generation A-series “Bristol Ridge” APUs) has gone ahead and de-lidded them. This reveals a large rectangular die and that AMD is using a high-quality TIM between the die and IHS, which could either be solder or liquid metal.

am4-delidded-3 am4-delidded-4

The is also a clear picture of the underside of the AM4 chip. There is a central cutout that lacks any SMT components. For those wondering the AM4 socket has 1331 pins.


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