Amiigo: Fitness Bracelet For iPhone And Android

Are you a fitness junkie? Do you want to find out what types of workouts challenge your fitness levels? Or maybe you just want to keep better track of how active you are, whether that’s how your golf swing is, how fast or far you run, or what your heart rate level is during your curling sets. Amiigo has redefined the way we can track our fitness. They wanted to create something that would allow people to track the details of an exercise routine and how it affects the body so they came up with a way to personalize your workout routine with a fitness band, shoe bracelet and iPhone app.

Redefining Fitness Tracking
With the Amiigo Fitness Bracelet, you can track specific exercise routines like: type, reps, sets, duration, speed, and intensity. It also tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, overall activity level and calories burned. With this idea of tracking, your fitness program becomes more personable. The fitness bracelet can detect exactly what you are doing and how your body is responding. Amiigo can determine whether you’re using the elliptical, running, swimming, doing bicep curls, squats, etc. Also, once you have completed your workout, share your exercise activities with your friends in real time on your favorite social network. Might as well brag about how much weight you can bench.

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Dave Scott, one of the creators of the Amiigo, tells us how the idea for this project originally came about. “My partner and I are both avid fitness consumers. We also know how challenging it is to push your body to the limit each time you workout. So we decided to make fitness more fun and simple. We started by trying to figure out a way to create an experience that would allow me to gather as much objective data about my workout automatically and share it automatically. So, my friends and family could see what I was doing, knowing it was true info, and be able to engage in my fitness experience.(ie applaud my workouts or “talk trash”).” Maybe Dave has finally found a way to help motivate those family members or friends who have become couch potatoes.

Two devices plus one purpose equals unlimited tracking potential
So how does it work? The bracelet captures the movement of your upper body and the shoe clip captures the movement of your lower body. They can also function independently for those times when you’re not wearing shoes or cannot wear something on your wrist. The wristband and shoe clip have an influential synergistic relationship. The exclusive combination allows for an unmatched tracking and gaming experience. Working alone, both devices can track overall activity level and calories burned. The bracelet and shoe clip are completely waterproof so if you thought swimming was off-limits, you were sorely wrong. Amiigo can track and recognize over one-hundred different activities and then connects the activities with physiological information such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

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Make fitness more fun, simple and social.
Using a Bluetooth, the bracelet and clip connect to iOS and Android phones. Amiigo memory can store data for hours so a constant Bluetooth connection is not necessary. Amiigo allows you to compete with your friends, share workout or accomplishments on a favorite social network, achieve your goals, and earn points. Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, cyclist, weight lifter, golfer, or just an outdoor enthusiast, Amiigo allows you can track your fitness levels. You can even create and record new exercises that could be distinctive or specific to you. After a user records an exercise, it will be recognized in future workouts.

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Right now, Dave and his team are running a campaign on so they can finish development and push the Amiigo into mass production. Once successfully funded, they plan to release the Amiigo this coming summer and the retail cost of this device will be $150.

The author of this article Ben Tanner is a technology writer sharing his interest of mobile accessories and new technology. He loves tech, music, and the outdoors.