Amped Wireless REC22P Plug-In AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Review

Getting the REC22P Setup
Getting the REC22P setup is pretty easy. You are going to want to find an optimal space between your current router or access point and your WiFi dead zone. Then go ahead and plug in the REC22P to an available outlet. I decided to install the REC22P in my kitchen as my WiFi signal there is bad.

Once installed on your PC or mobile device connect to the REC22P’s wireless network.


Once connected your browser should automadically open and go to the configuration page. If it does not you can go to or Once you are on the Dashboard the first thing you are gonna want to do is scan to find a wireless network to extend. Once you run the scan you are able to see what 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks are available to connect to.

ss2 ss3

After you have selected the wireless networks you want to extend you will have to enter the security keys for each. Once you have done this and are connected you setup your extended network names and security keys. There is a button to easily clone the settings from your home network.

ss4 ss5

Now go ahead and save these settings. Once they are saved the REC22P will restart and you will be able to connect to your new extended network.

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