An Update to the FrozenCPU Situation

It has been 5 days since we first reported on FrozenCPU apparently closing their doors. Since then there have been new revelations, rumors and more. Why is this such a big deal? Well FrozenCPU offers the largest selection of PC modification and watercooling parts in the US. From what we’ve seen they have ceased operations without any real explanation to its customers or the community. Currently orders are not being filled and current customers have had to call their credit card companies to get a refund processed.


What is alarming to us is that there has not been any official statement from FrozenCPU or its owner Mark Friga Jr on the companies website or any of its social profiles. Now again all of the information we have reported and are reporting on is all speculative because we have not received an official statement. If there were widespread rumors of my company or even a company I worked for closing or going out of business I would at least have some type of statement on the website. At least to let current and possible future customers know what is going on.

So here is what has transpired since our original report.

There was a post on HardForum about FrozenCPU closing. Back on the 10th Kyle Bennett (owner of HardOCP) chimed in saying that he heard back from Mark and that the company is running on a skeleton crew.


A couple of days later PrimoChill released the following statement on their Facebook Page basically saying that FrozenCPU dead.


These photos were released that do confirm that the office / warehouse has had physical damage and is in disarray.

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Earlier we had to contact FrozenCPU via e-mail and telephone. When we first tried to call no one answered. Now it seems the phones have been disconnected. This only leads us to believe that FrozenCPU has closed its doors. If Mark was able to talk to both Kyle at HardOCP and the guys at PrimoChill why hasn’t he made a statement to customers? Or posted anything on the companies website or Facebook page?

We urge you all to NOT ORDER from FrozenCPU until we find out what is really going on. We will keep you updated as more information comes out.

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